More past characters to return for CHUCKY 7!

Back in October, yours truly was fortunate enough to attend the 16th Anniversary, Bride of Chucky cast reunion held by Kory Davis in Santa Monica California. Stars Jennifer Tilly, Nick Stabil and Alexis Arquette participated in a Q n A panel with Producers Corey Sienega and Series creator Don Mancini who attended wearing Jessies screen used wardrobe from Bride. No, not the sweaty muscle shirt from the car washing scene, the brown  cowhide leather jacket and large skull belt buckle worn by Alexis Arquette's character .

One notable and hilarious moment at the momentous event was star Jennifer Tilly's haphazard revelation that she was jealous of Don Mancini's and series new comer Fiona Dourif's, (also in attendance), new working/friendship. She joked, how she felt she was being squeezed out of the series. That is   until according to her "Don found the perfect balance between series veteran Tilly and Dourif which includes her character "Tiffany" trying to murder Fionas character "Nica" in the upcoming yet to be titled seventh entry.

Another interesting revelation was Don's statement, about "other past characters coming back to the series besides Andy" although he would not elaborate on who when prompted by an audience member.
I know there's several campaigns for Kyle to come back on Facebook but who is it that you would want see tangle with the "Lake Shore strangler" one more time ?

Video from the event:

~Al max


  1. I think the only characters that shouldn't be returning for Chucky 7 are the ones from parts 4 and 5 since they weren't very important.

  2. Maybe part 4, but definitely not part 5, there weren't any survivors.


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