Custom Mezco 15 inch (Charred Chuck)

Hey Everyone! Very excited to have the new site up! I wanted to share a custom mod that I recently completed. I used a Mezco "Stitched" Chucky doll and converted it to look like the burnt, charred Chucky from the final scenes of the original Child's Play.

It was a lot of fun but it took a long time to complete as I was only working on it for short periods of time on nights and some weekends.

I used a combination of Liquid Latex and tissue paper and cotton to mold the face and Burned and weather the clothes with a lighter and lots of ash and suit. I then painted and added details.

I may be making a small run of these in the future but for now it's a one of a kind!


Hope you like it! LONG LIVE CHUCKY!

Custom Mezco "Charred" Chucky


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